Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Carbon administration

I submitted a question to the White House weeks ago - I wanted to know how to go about getting a special visa to spread goodwill in Cuba. I have good & bad news - I heard back from President Obama, but I don't think that he read my question...

"Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing to me. I appreciate hearing
from you and value your input.

Each day, I am moved by the messages I have
received from people across the country. Far too many
Americans are struggling--falling behind on mortgage
payments, coping with illness, or losing a job without
warning. My Administration is working to address the
serious challenges our Nation faces. I am committed to
taking immediate steps that generate job creation and
economic recovery, and I am determined to make
investments that lay a new foundation for real and lasting

To build this new foundation, we need health care
reform--this year--that reduces costs, protects health
care choices, and assures quality, affordable care for all
Americans. I encourage you to visit to learn more about my
commitment to enacting comprehensive health care reform
in 2009.

I am also dedicated to building a clean energy
economy that creates millions of jobs, helps us achieve
energy independence, and reduces pollution as we tackle
the effects of global warming. Please visit to read about the more than $60 billion
in clean energy investments my Administration has made to
jump-start our economy and build the jobs of tomorrow.

To prepare our children to thrive in the global
economy, we must guarantee every child a complete and
competitive education. For information about my
education reform agenda, please join me online at:

At the same time, we have an obligation to rein in
our budget deficit by cutting wasteful spending and
ineffective programs. We can do all this, and change the
way business is done in Washington, by building the most
open, transparent, and accountable government in our

While we repair our communities, we must also
recognize the important contributions of our service men
and women in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other nations. Our
military and their families have borne an enormous burden
for their fellow citizens, serving with honor and succeeding
beyond any expectation. For those who have been injured
or lost their lives in pursuit of our freedom, we owe them
our undying gratitude. I am committed to assisting our
servicemembers, veterans, and their families and honoring
our debts to them.

The only way to solve the problems of our time is to
involve all Americans in shaping the policies that affect our
lives. I hope you continue to explore, which is regularly updated and
more interactive than ever before.

Thank you again for writing.

Barack Obama

To be a part of our agenda for change, join us at"

Monday, July 27, 2009


In preparation for this weekend's MS150 bike ride, I've decided to employ a few strategies:
  1. Don't exercise - I need to conserve my calories
  2. Eat as many carbohydrates as possible. Avoid most of the fruits and vegetables that I normally consume.
  3. Eat as much fat as possible. I will be unable to consume 4000+ calories each day. My body will be looking for energy (and rather than consume muscle tissue); I'm hoping to build up some fat deposits.
My first step in fulfilling this plan involves 1- 2 cups of Kopp's custard each evening.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bigger than oil

Micheal Buckley

I'm starting to see more articles on the water rights that go along with land ownership. Supposedly water will be the next big resource that we figure out is in short supply. I've heard and/or read articles on the following topics over the past 6 months:

Pulling water out of the Great Lakes for in other regions (can't find the article)
Purchases of millions of hectares of land in Africa; for both agriculture & the water supply (Economist)
UW-Milwaukee has launched a new department focused on fresh water sciences at the Great Lakes Water Institute

A gentleman by the name of Michael Buckley created some simple banners that put things in context.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Birthday cake

I spent my birthday at my family's place in rural Wisconsin. Having fun requires a bit more imagination...

Friday, July 03, 2009


Most people would say that mainstream hip hop glamorizes over-consumption, violence, and oppression. It's refreshing to see artists countering that trend, and I find it encouraging that this is becoming more mainstream.

Lupe is dropping a a new album soon - here's a great clip that summarizes Lupe's mission and highlights what has been missing from this sub-culture.