Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday's dinner

I made a delectable meal for us from my new cookbook - thanks to Cait & Kenny for the gift! Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry. Yum!


Meg is awesome - she sent me a growing lobster!!!

About a week ago, I was cycling northeast along the coast of Maine with Jason & Sydney. We stopped at a pottery shop near Winter Harbor to take a break. We walked inside to see what was going on, and had also asked if we could fill our water bottles. A woman by the name of Meg was working - we chatted with her for a while about cycling, traveling, and pottery.

After we left, Jason proposed inviting Meg to dinner - she was the second person our age that we had seen in rural Maine. The 18 - 35 year old contingent doesn't exist; we only found blue hair or peckerwoods. Sensing that she may want to hang out with peers, Sydney went inside to invite Meg to dinner. She accepted, so we met up with her for pizza (and later) for beers.

Meg: Thank you!! If & when you're in Milwaukee, you need to stop by for an FNP!