Sunday, December 31, 2006

Snowboarding @ Big Powderhorn

Noel called on Wednesday night, asking if I was interested in a short skiing trip in Michigan. My response leaped across my synapses - yes! Of course I'm interested. I have the week off of work, and I don't have any real plans.

We left on Thursday morning from Mequon - it took us about 7.5 hours to reach the ski hill. Julian had booked a condo for us, so there was more than enough room for all 8 of us. Noel's brother & sisters came, along with two of his sister's friends. We cooked a fabulous dinner: veggie pasta, salad, yams, blanched brocolli, and bread. We devoured the food and spent the first night playing Quiddler & various card games.

Our first day of skiing couldn't have been better - the temperature was about 28F, and snow was being dumped on the hill. I didn't pack goggles, and soon realized it was a mistake. My sunglasses were getting steamed up, and water & ice were forming on the inside of the lens (where I'm unable to wipe it off). I was cruising down one of the slopes, when I suddenly felt myself floating. In another instant, I had crashed and was sliding down the steep hill. Katie came crashing into my back with her snowboard - she didn't see the drop off either. Afterwards, everyone that didn't have good goggles, rushed to the ski shop to buy a pair. The clouds kept dropping snow all afternoon. After we had covered most of the runs; Noel, Julian & I were racing to Liesl (she was the finish). Every race ended in a crash at the end while we were clamouring to get to Liesl. Thankfully, no one was hurt and we had a lot of laughs while doing so.
We spent the evening napping, eating, and playing Scategories. We had another fabulous dinner and made a 6-avocado bowl of guacamole; it was eaten within 15 minutes after being made.

Saturday was also spent skiing/snowboarding. The weather was a bit warmer, and there wasn't any new snow. We spent about 6 hours on the slopes, before piling into the car at 3:30p to drive home.