Saturday, January 19, 2008

I had the FNP (Friday Night Party) crew over for dinner & drinks last night. I hadn't been to an FNP since November, so we were well overdue for a dinner party. We had originally decided on an Indian theme, but changed our minds. Carrie & Noel didn't get the updates until late, so dinner was more of a fusion. The menu included samosas, dal, sauteed veggie sandwiches with fresh mozzerella & pesto, Meyer Secret Family Recipe salad, caramel/apple cake, pisco sours, beer, and vodka.

I had a bottle of pisco (bought in Peru in 2005) that was never opened, so we made drinks. For anyone that hasn't had one, I can recommend it. If you like mojitos, margaritas, caipirinhas you will enjoy a pisco sour. Here's a good recipe:

After dinner, we busted out some guitar hero. I'm not certain how loud we were, but I'm guessing it was fairly noisy. We captured some awesome pics - the best are highlighted below.

Jason plays air guitar while Syd & Carrie rip it up

Looks like Ryan is concentrating too much

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My blog from my recent holiday in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos is finally completed! After 30+ hours of turning my journal into the blog, editing photos, and putting everything online, I can finally take a break from Blogger & Flickr for a bit. Here are the links - they are also to the right -->


I'm happy to report that I'm going snowboarding this weekend at Granite Peak with Lil Buddy - hopefully I'll have some photos to post.