Friday, October 27, 2006

Life = normal

I haven't posted an entry in quite some time - I've been spending time getting my journal from Mongolia onto the web. The blog & photos have been posted:


Work was a bit hectic after I returned from vacation - I spent a week on the east coast & dominican republic, then a week home, and then I was in Orlando for a project mgmt conference. I'm getting back into a routine, which has its benefits - one of those being a normal sleeping pattern. I was listening to a George Harrison tribute concert today, and there were some lyrics that captured my attention: the farther you go, the less you know. I'm definitely feeling that way - after seeing what else is outside of home, my brain is flooded with questions & ideas about my own life.

Now that I'm back home and not planning for a trip, I feel like I have a LOT of time on my hands. I broke up with the woman I was dating, which frees up more time. I'm trying to find a glass blowing class in Milwaukee, but my attempts have resulted in no leads. There's a studio in Sheboygan that offers classes every once in awhile, and there's also classes offered at UW-Madison. Both are too far to drive, so I'm going to talk to my friends that are closest to the art scene and see if they know of anything.

I'm spending some time with the old man on Sunday - we're going to take his ATVs north of Madison. It should be a good time - I'm worreid about the cold, but if I were 5 layers of clothes, I shouldn't get too cold.