Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things have been crazy lately, and I'm sitting at home enjoying the first day of being at home in awhile.

Andy & Holly were married this weekend - the ceremony & party went off really well. The reception was @ Delafield Brewhaus, so we had plenty of good food & drinks. It was a very convivial evening (convivial is one of my new words). A few of the better photos are posted @

Last week I was working in Switzerland; I didn't have much time for leisure, but I managed to spend a few hours in the central portion of the country. It wasn't exactly the heart of the alps, but the scenery was fantastic. I learned a few german words, that I'm certain to forget. I can now ask for the bill (recnung bitte), so I'm basically on the path to speaking as well as a native...

On the weekend of 11/3, Corey & Leanne were married as well. Standing up in two weddings within three weeks has kept my weekends extremely short. Congrats to you lovebirds - the wedding was fantastic!

Two weeks prior to their wedding, I was working in the Netherlands for a week. I posted some photos onto my Flickr account, but (once again) I didn't have a lot of time for leisure activities, as I was busy bringing home the bread.

James & I are headed to Myanmar on Thanksgiving, assuming that his visa arrives before Thursday. If things don't work out, I figured that we could head to northeastern India for a bit, visit Athith & Phouvieng in Laos, be awed by Angkor Wat, and spend a few days in Thailand. My mission for the next several days will be to get all of my things in order, and my bag packed so that we can head out on 11/22. I'll be back on Dec. 23, just in time to do some last minute Christmas shopping & spend some quality time with my family & friends. I'll be sending a few emails once I'm in SE Asia, but I expect internet access to be fairly non-existent inside of Myanmar, so I'll have to post when in Thailand & Cambodia.

For everyone that I haven't seen in awhile - I hope that your holiday season is filled with happy times & contentment. It's one of the only times of the year when I think that everyone around me is in good spirits, and happy to be alive.